Terms of Use

This is a translation from the German version of Terms and Condition. In case of a dispute the German version will be used by the law in Switzerland.

Contract conditions registration: With your reservation and the rental contract you conclude a binding accommodation contract. The correction of obvious errors e.g. Printing and calculation errors are reserved. Special requests, bookings on one condition and verbal side agreements are only valid if we have confirmed them in writing.

Payment: Payment of the total price must be paid immediately by credit card or transferred to the bank account no later than 3 working days after reservation. The booking is only considered confirmed after receipt of payment. Any additional costs will be charged on site. All bank charges are borne by the client.

Special conditions / notes: Additional beds are partially available. These must be ordered in advance and noted when booking. The additional costs are also listed when booking. Pets are not allowed.

Non smoking apartment: Please do not smoke in the apartment.

The landlord / owner assumes no responsibility and no liability in the event of accidents on access to the chalet / apartment (this also applies in winter conditions).

Arrival: Unless otherwise noted, between 3 p.m. and 9 p.m. The tenant has the right to use the rental property, including inventory and everyday objects. The tenant is responsible for everything that belongs to the rental property. The tenant is obliged to report any defects and damage that arise during the rental period immediately. When moving out, the object must be handed over by the tenant with all accessories in the same condition as it was found on arrival, i.e. all furnishings in the same place, refrigerator and cupboards emptied, dishes and pots freed of leftover food and cleaned etc. He is liable for the damage caused by him and his companions, whereby the tenant is responsible for proving that he is not at fault. The rental property may not be occupied by more people than specified in the rental agreement. The specified maximum number of people also includes (small) children, unless otherwise agreed with us. In the event of overcrowding, the landlord has the right to reject or recalculate excess persons.

Departure days: The apartment must be vacated by 11:00 a.m. at the latest and left to the landlord in good condition. Please leave the key in the door. We kindly ask you to pull off the beds, take all rubbish to the refuse collection point, wash all dishes and store them in the cupboards. Apartments that are left in an unacceptable condition must expect a reasonable surcharge on the agreed final cleaning price.

Withdrawal: If the tenant cannot take the agreed vacation, he must notify the landlord of this as early as possible. However, he remains liable for the rent unless a different rental is possible during the intended rental period. If the agreed rental period is not fully met, the entire rental fee for the agreed period must still be paid. In the event of later cancellation and non-commencement of the trip, the entire rental price will be charged. Changes in dates are considered a withdrawal and new registration. If we withdraw from the contract before the start of the trip (as a result of force majeure such as war, strike or damage to the rental property due to accidents, fire and water damage and similar compelling reasons), all amounts paid will be refunded immediately, further claims are expressly excluded. If we terminate the rental contract after the start of the trip, you will only be charged the rent that has accrued up to that point with ancillary costs, you will get the rest back. Insurance: We recommend taking out travel cancellation insurance together with the booking, but no later than one week after booking. The landlord assumes no liability towards the tenant during the rental period.

Liability: No liability can be accepted for service disruptions, the cause of which lies outside our sphere of influence, in particular in the event of war, strike, natural disasters, etc., as well as for service disruptions in the areas of transport, supply and disposal (e.g. water, energy, access routes) Disruption caused by force majeure or the local climatic conditions.

General: Otherwise, the provisions of the Swiss Code of Obligations apply. The place of jurisdiction is Stans. Both parties accept this contract by booking and confirming. These conditions are part of the rental contract.

Additional agreement to the rental contract for the furnished apartment for private use about the use of the WLAN: Use is made by entering a code. This is only given to tenants who accept the following usage agreement:

- The tenant assumes responsibility that all roommates or Guests of the holiday property abide by this user agreement and, in the event of omission, keep the landlord free of all claims. - The tenant confirms that he accepts the landlord's exemption from liability contained in this declaration also on behalf of the flatmates and guests. Tenants, flatmates and guests are referred to below as "users".

- Use is against payment (included in the rental price) and limited to the duration of the presence in the apartment. The landlord cannot guarantee the actual availability of internet access. The code may not be passed on to third parties. The code expires after a certain time. A new code can be requested. You can get information from the landlord.

- The landlord assumes no obligations by issuing the code. The use takes place according to the technical possibilities. In particular, the user has no right to use the WLAN in any particular way or for a specific duration. Use may only be made as part of the usual for a holiday. The landlord may block WLAN access for commercial and / or excessive use.

- Hereby all liability for warranty and compensation etc. is excluded. The landlord does not guarantee unlimited access to WiFi or Internet and is therefore not liable for the consequences of interruptions and failures as well as data loss etc. In particular, no liability is assumed for the content of websites accessed or downloaded files. Furthermore, no liability is assumed for any malicious programs (such as viruses, etc.) using the WLAN. The user expressly acknowledges that the WLAN only allows access to the Internet, but does not include any virus protection or firewall. The user is responsible for this. The data is transmitted unencrypted. The user has to ensure appropriate protection himself.

- The user is expressly prohibited from using the WLAN to upload data, files, videos, etc. or otherwise distribute illegal, immoral, racist or copyrighted content, to call up criminal offenses or manipulate software and hardware, as well as To use devices and equipment of any kind. The sending of SPAM etc. is prohibited. This provision applies analogously to calling up websites and / or downloading data, files, videos, etc.

- Any improper use of the WLAN, in particular use that can have adverse legal consequences for third parties or the landlord and any interference with the WLAN - Setup (software such as hardware) is prohibited.

- The tenant is liable for damage caused by the use of the WLAN. If the landlord is exposed to third party claims for any reason due to the use of the WLAN, the tenant is obliged to indemnify and hold the landlord harmless immediately.

- If the terms of use are violated or if a violation is suspected, the use of the WLAN can be blocked at any time without giving a reason. Liability for data loss is expressly excluded.

- The landlord is entitled to inform the responsible authorities about the tenant and / or the user (including their addresses) if there is reason to suspect a crime. In addition, the landlord is entitled, upon request by the authorities, to provide the tenant and / or the user with their personal details. - This WLAN usage agreement is part of the rental agreement and is subject exclusively to Swiss law. The location of the rental property is agreed as the exclusive place of jurisdiction.